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At All Day Fitness, we want anyone who walks into our facility to feel like they’re getting more than they expected. We’ll tailor our life-changing programming to your skill and comfort level—which translates into long-term results, so you can sustain your program for a lifetime. Best of all, you’re always family here.

Our coaches are trained and experienced in CrossFit, but they also know how to drive motivation and help you achieve your goals. If you’re ready to give it your all, they are here to ensure that you have all the support you need all day, every day.

We truly believe the best gyms are comprised of caring, committed coaches and a supportive community where lifelong habits are developed right along with lifelong friendships. We love conversing with athletes, and thoroughly enjoy getting to know every one of them personally. Whether you’re a beginner or just looking for a new “family,” we’re here to cheer you on, every step of the way as you continue on your CrossFit journey. Step in today and say hello!

Have You Heard of Sweat?

Whether you are uncomfortable with weightlifting, you want more cardio and metabolic conditioning, or you just love to collapse in a puddle of sweat, then this class is for you. No bar-work in this class. Instead, participants will focus on more gymnastics, bodyweight exercises and cardio!

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Why All Day Fitness?

We realize there are lots of options here in the Heights and at the end of the day you should choose what fits you best!

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What People Are Saying

Long time All Day Fitness member Charlotte Filla tells you what she loves most about CrossFit and some of the things that keep her coming back to ADCF.

Chris Lacher talks about his experiences with All Day Fitness and how he has utilized our functional fitness training program to get into the best fitness shape of his life and become mentally tougher.

Juleena Masters tells us what she loves most about All Day Fitness… and Deadlifts!


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