About Our Gym

  • Why All Day Fitness Is Ranked One of the Best Gyms In The Heights

What Makes All Day Fitness Different?

At All Day Fitness, we want anyone who walks into our facility to feel like they’re getting more than they expected. We’ll tailor our life-changing programming to your skill and comfort level—which translates into long-term results, so you can achieve sustainable progress for a lifetime. Best of all, you’re always family here.

Our trained and experienced coaches will guide and motivate you every step of the way to help you reach your goals. If you’re ready to give it your all, they are here to ensure that you have all the support you need all day, every day. Not to mention, we’ve partnered up with a Physical & Massage Therapist who are on hand to take care of of every bump and bruise, old and new, and for a much lower cost than the doctor!

We truly believe the best gyms are comprised of caring, committed coaches and a supportive community where lifelong habits are developed right along with lifelong friendships. We thoroughly enjoy conversing with athletes and getting to know every one of them personally. Whether you’re a beginner or just looking for a new “family,” we’re here to cheer you on, every step of the way as you continue on your fitness journey. Step in today and say hello!

How Did All Day Fitness Start?

Talk about drinking the Kool-Aid…

Upon discovering Fitness in 2010, owner JC quickly fell in love with the training philosophy. Ever passionate about fitness through years of being a gym rat and long-distance runner, JC cancelled his gym membership, said goodbye to global gyms forever, and hung up his running shoes. Through this new form of fitness, he was able to feed his ultra competitive nature and passion for fitness all in just one hour.

While working a full-time desk job, JC started to coach part-time at his local box. Thirsty for more, he took a leap of faith and developed a serious business plan. Five months later in November 2011, he stepped out of his corporate role, signed a lease in the Heights, and the rest is history!

Unlike most gyms, JC wanted to make sure his didn’t stop at fitness. He ensures that All Day is a place that creates friendships, strengthens family ties, and builds the bonds of a true Fitness community. Come see for yourself!

We realize there are lots of options here in the Heights and at the end of the day you should choose what fits you best!
Here’s what separates us!

Personal Challenges:

We offer a 42 Day Challenge covering all the bases – fitness, nutrition & accountability!

28 Day Before & After – complete with a meal plan & supplements!

Personal Training:

Need something more in depth and hands on? Our personal trainers will design a program custom fit for you, on a schedule that works for you as well!


We’ve partnered with a Massage Therapist and Physical Therapist, who will meet you quickly, at the gym, and for a much lower cost than the doctor, to take care of you right away!


That’s right! Can’t stand the thought of your fur baby at home all alone? Bring ’em with!

Tight-Knit Community:

Designed to make you feel seen, heard, and valued…just like family!

Large Facility:

5,000 SF to ensure you won’t bump into your neighbor.


Need to sweat, but have somewhere to be right after? We got you covered. Just BYO towel!

Fun Events:

Monthly gatherings to get to know your new family outside the gym because at All Day Fitness, we really like each other, and one hour simply isn’t enough time together!


Straightforward options to choose from with multiple discounts available. Plus, bi-weekly payments so you’re not stuck with one giant lump sum the first of the month!


Here they are – your fitness family. All Day Fitness’s incredible coaches bring a wide range of experience to the gym floor. No matter what you’re here to accomplish, this is the team that’s going to get you there.