Do You Have Chronic Snacksidents?


Do You Have Chronic Snacksidents?

Are you having a hard time losing weight? Maybe you have been struggling to rid yourself of those last few pounds and you are convinced that your diet is perfectly on point. It’s time to really evaluate your caloric intake and make sure you aren’t having a snacksident problem.


An unfortunate snack that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in extra junk in the trunk or other areas of soft adipose tissue accumulation.

It happens to the best of us, you’re cooking something for dinner and you take a little taste of it here or there. Little by little these small “tastes” become big problems! Over the course of a week you could be taking in hundreds or even thousands of extra calories just by picking on these foods throughout your day.

Hold yourself accountable for everything that you eat! If you are truly having a hard time ridding yourself of the last 2-5lbs, it could be that you are taking in small accumulations of unnecessary calories that aren’t beneficial for a fuel source but simply your tasting pleasure.

To solve this issue it might be time for a reality check. Track EVERYTHING you eat in some sort of tracking app. Whether it is My Fitness Pal or another nutrition app, it’s time to hold yourself accountable for everything you are choosing to eat. Even the small snacks that seem harmless or just a “taste”. After 1-2 weeks of tracking what most people find is that the small taste is actually an extra 100-200 calories every time and adds a significant amount of excess calories every single day.

Don’t choose to ignore the small stuff. Weight loss does take a tremendous amount of discipline and honest self evaluation. If you are having a hard time losing a smaller amount of weight, it might be time to evaluate your small habits!